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About us


Originally from Henderson, Texas, a city of about 12,000 people approximately 120 miles east of Dallas, Fields moved to Indianapolis in February of 1973. For many years, he yearned for a taste of his home. Ten Years ago, Hank threw in the towel, and decided to bring that taste of Texas to Indy. In 2004, He proudly open Hank's Smoked Brisket. "Texas BBQ done right, by a Native Texan." He constructed the building himself and it also houses a barber shop and beauty salon.


Hank's carry out restaurant delivers a variety of smoked perfection from brisket, to corn beef, to chicken. "I more than likely perfected it now, but it still gets better," he said of his brisket, which is smoked 8 to 12 hours over mesquite wood. Determine to keep his BBQ authentic, Hank travels to Texas to purchase his mesquite wood twice a year! During the year - end holidays, Fields, also smokes and sells turkey's and rib-eye steaks, which he said, "probably are better than the brisket!" So, if you are traveling across country or just in the neighborhood, come in and taste for yourself, we look forward to serving you!


"Hank's Smoked Brisket was one of the highlights of my visit to Indy. Hank was really friendly, gave us some samples to try while we waited for our order and made some of the most delicious barbecue beef brisket I've ever had over a baked potato. I wanted to try some of his delicious sounding sides but I knew I would be too stuffed!"    


                                                                                                      - Iris B.

                                                                                                        San Jose, CA

"I passed by this place many times before without stopping. Finally I went in and ordered and have been hooked since then !!! Hank has a very friendly personality and lets new customers try his famous Corned Beef, which is amazing !!!!! I have tried several items from here including the The Big Hank Potato, which is an entity of its own deliciousness !!!! I would recommend this place over and over again ! If you are in the mood for some GOOOOOD BBQ alongside of yummy sides (try their potato salad !!!), this is the place!! They give you enough for leftovers so leave room for the peach cobbler Or the caramel apple pie. No matter how many times I put my fork down, it always winds up going in for more!!! Hanks is one of Northwest Indy's best kept BBQ secrets !!! Don't sleep on the Brisket either !!!!! It was truly a delicatessen ! Become a regular and Hank will no doubt remember you !!!! Very great people, good food, great business!" 


-Januarie Y.

Indianapolis, IN

"Hands down the best brisket you will ever taste! I stopped in for a quick bite while I was waiting to get my haircut. They noticed right away that I was a new customer and gave me samples of brisket and corn beef! It was so delicious that I will be back for more and more!"


-Chris S.

Indianapolis, IN

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